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I am a mommy, scribe, and middle-school English teacher. I am trying to cope with being separated from my beloved. DoUWantMore? email me: theprisonerswife@gmail.com

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Celebrating Self

Posted by the prisoner's wife On 6:48 PM

by Susan

We are lovely shades of raisins and hazelnut
and coffee-milk brown. We belong
to different decades but we share the same span-
same hands and the same fingers connect us.
Sometimes we clench our fists and boil inside.
Other times flushed palms reach out,
enfolding us one to the other.

last week i asked you to send me your poems so that we can share them for National Poetry Month. Susan, of the blog Black-Eyed Susan, was kind enough to share some of her words with me. the poem, "Hands" was inspired by her daughter who just celebrated her birthday.

if you'd like to participate, please email me your poem(s) with a link back to your site (or short bio if you don't have a blog). peace & enjoy.

4 Response to 'Celebrating Self'

  1. Lovebabz Said,
    http://theprisonerswife.blogspot.com/2009/04/celebrating-self.html?showComment=1239028260000#c8083184455622540531'> Monday, April 06, 2009 7:31:00 AM

    What a rich poem!

    I love love love peoms!

    Ok sending mine :)



  2. http://theprisonerswife.blogspot.com/2009/04/celebrating-self.html?showComment=1239055740000#c5270062086046519802'> Monday, April 06, 2009 3:09:00 PM

    yes, Babz...it really is a lovely poem.

    i'll be waiting for yours too! yay!


  3. http://theprisonerswife.blogspot.com/2009/04/celebrating-self.html?showComment=1239207660000#c2996049831672090522'> Wednesday, April 08, 2009 9:21:00 AM

    love that poem


  4. susan Said,
    http://theprisonerswife.blogspot.com/2009/04/celebrating-self.html?showComment=1239229020000#c1203935032870166800'> Wednesday, April 08, 2009 3:17:00 PM

    Thanks for the shout, wife. And thansk to Lovebabz and Torrance. There's more on my blog. I'm writing for Napowrimo so these are rough drafts, but you're welcome to leave me feedback.