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I am a mommy, scribe, and middle-school English teacher. I am trying to cope with being separated from my beloved. DoUWantMore? email me: theprisonerswife@gmail.com

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can't knock the hustle

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

(i actually liked the cover of this book because i have a strange affection for the A-train. i gave it a shot, but just couldn't get into it)

ok, i'll admit it....i'm a book snob...and i'm tired.

last night, before heading to the grocery store, i stopped off at Borders to pick up a few Curious George books for the munchkin. i used to love going to Borders and browsing for hours. it was nothing to find me there on a saturday night perusing the african-american lit section looking for good reads. you see, unlike the old saying, i DO judge a book by its cover.

when i'm trying to find something to read, i don't run to the NY or LA Times book section to see the bestsellers list, i browse. i pick up books, check out the cover to make sure it is devoid of all cheese, then flip it over and read the back jacket. if it seems interesting enough, i'll crack it open and read a few pages. many books have found their way to my bookshelf via this shallow-yet-effective method. Waiting in Vain, Blues Dancing, and Black Girl in Paris all managed to past the test and become some of my favs, but these days i'm finding it hard (very, very hard) to find a book that even warrants a second look.

i used to love the African-American Literature section. i always preferred Borders over B&N because they (Borders) segregated their books. they made it easy for me to get to the books that i REALLY wanted to read. books filled with interesting, colored characters that looked like me. books that transported me outside of LA, outside of my home, and my life. books filled with intelligent, upwardly mobile black folks with STORIES to tell. i loved that. loved how i'd get lost in a book for days, always trying to get the picture of the characters in my head. but today, every time i browse the Afro-American Lit section all i see are hood novels.

now, i'm all for black people reading, and i don't knock anyone's (legal) hustle, but damn...how many more sexually explicit, violent, and baby-mama-drama books can possibly be written? i remember when i first moved to Harlem and i'd see people on 125th St. pushing self-published books for $5. i admired their drive. as a writer that longs to be published, i understood and appreciated their hustle. i'd see people on the A train reading books with titles like Around the Way Girls and B'more Careful and i'd think...wow...look at all these black folks READING! it was a site to see. but now, as the hood lit section has swallowed the African-American Literary Fiction section WHOLE, i am dismayed.

sometimes i ask myself, am i just a hater? have all of my years of reading, writing, and analyzing literature turned me into a bourgeoisie reader, out of touch with my own community? or do i just expect more...more from my books, my literary brethren, my people?

whatever the case may be, i'm tired of the book section looking like a in-print version of BET Unkut.

Posted by the prisoner's wife On 7:43 PM 11 comments

the art of love

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

(and this is how i spent my memorial day. the munchkin & i headed to the beach...he isn't too keen on the waves, but LOVED playing in the sand!)

i knew it had to come to an end, but who knew the weekend would feel so short?

a MILLION thanks to all of you to left bday wishes & shout outs, those that sent up prayers, and my sista-friend, Xtina who sent me WONDERFUL a gift! my bday weekend is officially over, but i thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. i have eaten out more times than. even i. can deal with, i danced the night away to some SOULful music, and i got to wrap it all up at the beach. this weekend has been truly magical & it just makes me look forward to all that the summer will bring. i can't wait!

(Chrisette tearing up the stage!)

the concert was LOVELY y'all. although i was VERY excited to see Raheem Devaughn, the show-stopper was my girl, Chrisette Michele! this girl is FIERCE! she reminds me of a younger Jill Scott. her voice, her stage presence, her thick-girl swag...it was pure story-telling in action. she COMPLETELY outshined Raheem & my friends and I felt like even if he hadn't stepped on the stage, we got out money's worth! if she comes to your city....RUN to see her! it's THAT serious.

(Raheem Devaughn...tryna look all sexual chocolate! lol)

speaking of Raheem, he was pretty good too, but...i felt something lacking. perhaps it was because of the fact that ALL of the songs he performed dealt with love-making and he proceeded to gyrate, grind, and hump the floor (ala Sir Bobby Brown). plus...he's just NOT attractive (to me). brotha better be glad he can croon, cuz had he have been average joe # 2...he'd get NO play from the ladies. the whole time he was singing i was distracted by his shiny ass lips & aviator glasses. i know i sound shallow, but yeah. i was glad he did my songs, "You" & "Guess Who Loves You More."

can you tell i had a good time? beloved called and called and called & sent me two BEAUTIFUL cards! i got some ends, and treated myself to a mani & pedi. i dances, i drank, and i relaxed. the weekend was full and fulfilling, and i am SO thankful for making it another year!

how was your weekend, y'all? was it as good as mine? *smile*


Posted by the prisoner's wife On 12:43 PM 9 comments
buy me a drink, pin some bday dollars to my shirt, dedicate a song to me...let's have FUN cuz it's my birthday!

(i'm not a fanatical beyonce fan, but i'm LOVING this song lately. it gets me through my workouts and it always makes me shake a little something and dance.)

ahhhh...another year older, and hopefully wiser. i look back on this year as another tough one, but one that has been full of life lessons. the biggest lesson i think God has taught me (and continues to teach me) is the virtue of patience. i have always been a fairly impatient person. i want what i want when i want it (read: now!). however, being a mother to a 2-year old who also has his own brand of impatience has taught me to relax and be patient. my professional life has also taught me to chill. there are days i want to pull my hair out, shake a kid or scream on an unruly student, but that would only lead to the weave shop & unemployment line so i'm forced to remain even tempered and take things in stride. and y'all already know my relationship screams PATIENCE! i want beloved to spend this long, bday weekend with me...but unfortunately it is not so...

here i am, taking in all the lessons, wisdom, and blessings that have been bestowed upon me this year. i am so thankful for making it this far. thankful for my 28 years. i embrace getting older & look forward to all that i will experience in life. i pray i have decades left to go, see, and accomplish EVERYTHING in my heart.

so come...celebrate with me. turn up your speakers, play your favorite songs, do a little dance, light your best smelling candles, have some chocolate and just have a good time with me.

(i can't wait to hear this song tonight. i'm going to try to make my way {*ehem* elbow} to the front of the stage when he sings this. i will imagine that he's singing to ME.)

Posted by the prisoner's wife On 12:02 AM 9 comments

how the TPW got her groove back

Thursday, May 22, 2008

as i mentioned in the last post, i've been experiencing a bad case of the blahs. i haven't been in a funk, really, but i have just been feeling out of sorts and disconnected from everything and everyone. but all that is starting to change. my birthday is tomorrow & perhaps its coming has given me a new burst of energy. i've never really made a huge deal out of my birthday. i can't even remember ever having a birthday party, and that's alright with me...but approaching 30 (ok, 28) has sorta lit another fire, or at least a spark, in me.

a few things have been pulling me out of the funk.

1. Podfitness: i've been waking up a bit after 5am to workout & it's been great. it's given me the energy BURST i need not to dread going to work. i've felt more purposeful & not so lethargic in the mornings.

2. Homemade Smoothies: i've never been huge on breakfast, but getting/eating healthier means i HAVE to eat breakfast. my smoothie concoctations have been a wonderful (and tasty!) addition to my morning routine.

3. My 'Fro: ok folks, i'm bout to sound a little self-absorbed, but my afro is fuckin FABULOUS! it's huge! my friend cornrowed the front Tuesday night & it looks so regal. i think i've found a new summer style! my hair has always been a bit of a challenge, especially since i went natural. it's SUPER thick, and has so many textures, but i'm finanally getting into a good hair groove & it's wonderful.

4. My Kid is COMEDY!: so my son has quickly made the chage from a silent kid, to a little chatter box. he cracks me up SO much & i'm so happy he's finally letting the words flow.

5. 3-Day Weekend: I am SO looking forward to this weekend. Although I didn't make it out to see beloved, i do plan on enjoying myself. tomorrow night (my bday) i'm going to see Raheem DeVaughn perform & have dinner with some friends. Saturday I am planning to get a mani & pedi and perhaps do dinner with the fam. Sunday is church and______________? and Monday, i will just enjoy relaxing.

so what's up with you guys? i feel as though we haven't connected in SO long. let me know what's going on, what y'all chattin' bout on your blogs, plans for the long weekend.


Posted by the prisoner's wife On 8:16 AM 5 comments

testing 1-2, 1-2

Friday, May 16, 2008

i'm here, i sware. i have just been in a constant state of blah. don't ask me what's wrong, becasuse i'm not sure if anything IS wrong. i just haven't been in the mood to write...anything. and i've barely been online. i guess such is life.

i have noticed that more people are stopping by, so i guess that means i should force myself to write, because i DO (really, really do) appreciate the reads, and i love sharing words, but i just haven't been feeling like me lately.

i have a birthday coming (the 23rd), so hopefully i'll pull myself out of this funk before then. but all in all...i'm good. i am having a pretty easy work week (thank God for state testing!!), and the weather has turned SUPER hot.

how are you guys? i pray you are well. anything fun planned for the weekend?

Posted by the prisoner's wife On 8:51 AM 5 comments